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Hello and welcome! This is your Client Portal. Feel free to have a look around.

Contact Information
For most communication you can contact me via email at
For any small, quick questions you can call 314-222-7337, but most things can wait for our regular calls/meetings.

Our Website Journey Timeline
I like to breakdown a website’s journey into 6 phases and by the end of phase one we will have a timeframe of our journey together. On the right is an infographic of a timeline to give you an idea of how our time will be spent.


Current Phase


Next Call

Jan 5, 2020

Estimated Completion Date

Phase 1Discovery
Phase 2Planning
Phase 3Content
Phase 4Design
Phase 5Development
Phase 6Launch


Style Guide

Documents style sheet; colors pallet, typography, links, buttons, etc.


Visual presentation of website with styles.


A working model of your website.



Server Setup

Configure hosting and install CMS and platform.

Go Live

Push files to live environment.

Pre-Launch Check

Speed, responsive, browser, etc.

WordPress Login

Your website has gone live. Here is the link to login to your new site. 

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